Björn Jackson Digital Imaging is a full service on-set solution for the Motion Picture Industry

Live On-Set Color

The very foundation of the DIT position and critical to the process of todays digital workflow. Translating the vision of the Director of Photography from set to post to screen. We take all primary color decisions made on set and apply them to dailies, as well as stills and LUTs that are passed on to the final color grade. Live secondary correction is also available via Resolve Live. 

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Powerful on-set computing solutions, can process ProRes HD, ArriRaw Open Gate to Red EPIC DRAGON 6K from multiple cameras, as it is shot, with a complete set of dailies, available at the end of the shoot day. Off-set dailies solutions are also available.


Equipment Rental

Along with a traditional, high spec, on-set DIT cart, several hard to find, Digital Imaging products are available for rental. Including the new Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 and the new 12-Core MacPro. 

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